Classes are a course by course curriculum taught to the individual student in a small
group setting. You may begin at anytime. Students come once a week for lessons.
Call (714) 795-1331 to enroll or e-mail at
You'll learn a lot in just one lesson!

Adults (ages 16 & up)
TUESDAY              5:30pm-7:30pm

FRIDAY                 10:30am-12:30pm             

SATURDAY           3:30pm-5:30pm

SUNDAY                11:30pm-1:30pm

Kids & Teens   (ages 11-15)
MONDAY                5:00-6:30pm

SATURDAY             2:00-3:30pm

SUNDAY                  2:00-3:30pm (mixed ages)

Kids  (ages 5 to 12)

WEDNESDAY      3:00-4:30pm

         3:30-5:00pm    5:00-6:30pm   

FRIDAY                4:00-5:30pm

SATURDAY         9:00-10:30am    11:00-12:30pm

SUNDAY              2:00-3:30pm (mixed ages)    3:30-5:00pm

Pre-K (ages 4 to 5)
MONDAY             3:00-5:00

If the class you want is currently FULL, please ask to be put on a waiting list. When a space
becomes available, you'll be notified by the instructor.

FULL)classes may still be available for make-up lessons. Check with your instructor.
Class Schedule for Orange County, CA
Program Director: Tina Rodriguez